Welcome Lisk Community and Future Liskers to Capture These Lisk,

As a token of our gratitude for the support of the community and a way to give back, we have created a series of challenges loosely based on the story of lisk with a hint of popular culture. The challenges will be separated by seasons, each consisting of ten or more challenges (episodes) of varying difficulty and involvement.

We are slasheks & gr33ndrag0n, old time liskers and current forging delegates.

Keep calm, HODL and CTL!


Rewards will be based on the perceived difficulty of individual challenge and there is nothing needed to participate.

On release of each challenge, a new kdbx file is also released. Each kdbx file contain a Lisk account passphrase. The kdbx file is protected by a password you have to figure out solving the challenge.

First one to figure out the password and Capture These Lisk Wins!

For each challenge, there is also a 2nd prize of 5 LSK that is paid to the first accepted community write-up. If there is no accepted write-up for a given challenge, we will write one ourselves. To submit your write-ups, PM us in lisk chat with a txt file.

We reserve the right to use any timeframe we consider is required to select any write-up and send the 5 Lisk. We also reserve the right to change the conditions and/or process of this bonus reward at any time.


For each week, if a challenge remains unsolved, bonus Lisk will be added to the challenge reward every Sunday.


Our goal is to release one challenge every Saturday at 14:00 UTC per season. We are confident on the programming schedule but please note that we can change release dates anytime without warning.


Solved or unsolved, each challenge will get hint #1 added on Monday, hint #2 added on Wednesday and hint #3 added on Friday. Each unsolved challenges will get an extra hint each Sunday starting 1 week after challenge release.

Next Episode

We would like to thank everyone that participated in season 1. We sincerely hope that the episodes were enjoyed and were able to teach a thing or two. The story of Lisk is not over, it is just beggining. Stay tuned for season 2.

Season 1 - Q1 2018

S01E01 And We Will Call It LiskLand January 6, 2018
S01E02 And Then There Were Three January 13, 2018
S01E03 PR a Country? Decentralization Part I January 20, 2018
S01E04 White-paper Chronicles January 27, 2018
S01E05 Sir Trident of Cutlery February 3, 2018
S01E06 Double Forging Double Dragon Tomayto Tomahto February 10, 2018
S01E07 The Individual 101s February 17, 2018
S01E08 The Golden Era of Socks February 24, 2018
S01E09 IOU UOME WEOUNothing March 3, 2018
S01E10 Dont call it a DAPP honey March 10, 2018
S01E11 Mainnet Release Delay - Episode I: A New Delay March 17, 2018
S01E12 Ode to Mainnet Release Day March 24, 2018
S01E13 The Block Train Job March 31, 2018
S01E14 The Day That The Blockchain Stood Still April 7, 2018



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